Hiking & Trekking Trails

If an exciting adventure with health benefits is what you’re looking for, you will be delighted to explore Anda’s hiking/trekking trails. Beautiful sceneries and emerald surroundings will embrace you while you explore the mountain terrains of Anda.

Anda’s topography consists of mountain ranges with grassy valleys gradually descending until reaching the flatlands of the town, suitable for the experienced as well as the beginner hikers or trekkers. The residential area along the coast are above sea level with beaches slowly going down to the level of the sea. Check-out the famous Quinale beach and Anda Lagoon before or after your hike.

Arrange a guided motorbike tour from our reception or become the master of your time and do it completely by yourself.

Just ask if you need anything, or if you plan to go off the beaten track, you will find helpful advice and guidance from locals. Anda is a great place to observe the Philippine local culture and a variety of rural and aquatic environments.

Tarsier Sanctuary Lundag

Seven kilometers away from the resort, up to the mountain Barangay of Lundag, you can go hiking or trekking. It is a small farming community eager to show visitors around. Stop at the community center near the school, ask for the Barangay captain or officer on duty to enquire or request a guide. Recently, Tarsiers has been spotted more often in specific locations around Lundag, so the local government of Anda (with approval from DENR) declared it a Tarsier sanctuary – a protected area under the care of the community. A local guide might be able to point out where these locations are. Although Tarsiers can be found in the forests of Bohol, it is still quite hard to spot them in the wild without proper knowledge of the behavior of these nocturnal creatures. With much luck and some local insight, you might find one! It is definitely worth a try!

Aside from Tarsier sightings, Lundag has a panoramic mountain peak view too, as well as an interesting cave. Request for a fresh coconut after a hike and you’re ready for your next off the beaten track adventure.

Blue Heaven

A scenic mountain peak, called “Blue Heaven” by the locals, can be found in Barangays Tanod and Linawan. It offers unobstructed views of the Anda peninsula and neighboring towns. The name of the place simply implies “Blue Skies” + “Heaven” since the peak is so high that you can almost touch the sky.

White Heaven

Located in Barangay Suba, very close to the town center, is another hiking trail. It is a community project to develop a “station of the cross path” for devotees during the Lenten season. Nevertheless, it is a perfect hiking trail with breathtaking views.