The Hills

Cabantian Hills

A 30-minute scooter/motorbike ride to the west, in the town of Guindulman, you will find a gentle range of soft peak hills. From the highway, enjoy a kilometer walk to one of the peaks that offers a good view of the whole area. Cabantian Hills is a perfect place to check out for those who wants to hike to the top and enjoy the scenic view of the sprawling hills.

Landthai Hills

Barangay Lombog also offers same panoramic sprawling hills and view of Guindulman Bay but with an addition of amenities like a snack bar.

Eskaya Bat Cave

If you’re into more adventurous trekking, check out Eskaya Bat Cave in Barangay Biabas, a mountain community some 45-minute motorbike ride away from the resort. From the Barangay road it’s a 2km walk through a lush jungle to reach the entrance of the cave. The trip is best done in the afternoon, with enough time to stop and ask for directions. Or find a guide who will take you off road to the Bat Cave. Good trekking shoes are advised and plenty of drinking water too.

Be sure to arrive when it’s still light outside so you can explore the cave with its gleaming stalactites and stalagmites.

Wait for the dusk to set in and prepare for a spectacle when thousands of bats rush out of the cave in a deafening roar.

Eskaya Tribe

If you plan to visit the Eskaya Bat Cave, you can choose to come a little bit earlier to check out the community of the Eskaya tribe, settling in Biabas.

The Eskaya is an indigenous tribe found in the southeast interior hinterlands of Bohol. The settlement of this tribe is at Biabas, Guindulman, established in the early 20th century by one Mariano Datahan and spread out later to other towns.

The community is only found in the island province of Bohol. They have a unique cultural heritage, use a distinct language and literature, and have traditional practices that date back to pre-Spanish times.

Bat Kingdom

A fifteen-minute tricycle ride will take you to the town center of Guindulman. A few meters from the main market, behind the church, you will find these hanging giant bats while at rest. Suspended only a few meters from the ground, you can observe these bats occasionally flexing their wings or making a type of snoring sound. Some may fly and transfer to other trees. It’s a fascinating sight to see. A good side trip when you plan to browse the local market.