Barangay Lungsodaan

Mt. Haboog

Mt. Haboog (literally means “tall” in Visayan vernacular) is located 500 meters north from the Barangay Lungsodaan (“old town”) center. An awesome panoramic view can be seen with Maasin City in the far east; Limadjag Atoll in the northeast, San Jose (Ondol), Haugdan and Tintinan Islands in the north, Cabulao Bay in the west and the municipality of Ubay further north. The camping area is at the foot of Mt. Haboog, near the Barangay Center.

Bawangan Mountain Karst

You can also go mountain trekking at Bawangan Karst Mountain with caves and forests. The mountain forest area, located two kilometers southwest of the center, has some endangered flora/fauna and offers picturesque views.

Barangay Aguipo

Heritage House/Earth House

Aptly called “The Clay House,” it is located on the hill at Aguipo Elementary School. It was built with an earth mixture, using ancient methods but with the latest materials in construction technology. It is a living quarter and partly intended as an emergency shelter that can withstand strong winds or earthquakes.

San Vicente Ferrer Chapel

A Roman Catholic chapel flocked by hundreds of devotees especially on Friday. Check out a small museum at the back of the chapel, filled with statues that are centuries old.

 Aguipo View Park

After about a 200 step walk to the peak, you will be rewarded with a stunning view. The sunset at the peak is mesmerizing.

Barangay Minol

Minol Baywatch

A mountain resort with great tree houses, perfect for hanging out while enjoying the view. This area is also known as TSEDI Highlands & Bayview park.

Barangay Marcelo

Also, this Barangay has interesting caves and mangrove areas. Some are ancient burial places where the wooden coffins are still visible.

You can visit the Barangay Captain or the designated Barangay information officer of each place for guidance and further queries.