Emergency First Responder Instructor (EFRI) – CPR First Aid

Having the ability to administer CPR First Aid is something that is important to everyone, not just divers. The Emergency First Responder Course is recognized world wide and in many areas is the leading course in CPR Fist Aid. Taking all the aspects of traditional first aide courses and applying the PADI teaching methods of “serious fun.”

There is a total of 4 separate courses within the EFR program that can be taught separately or combined. The 4 courses are; Primary Care – CPR, Secondary Care – First Aid, Care for children and CPR & Automated Defibrillator. Often these courses are combined to make the training more streamlined and effective. Separately there is also “EFR at work,” which can be done regionally to meet specific regional requirements.

During the course…

During the EFRI course you will learn to teach all 4 of the main courses. Taking part in classroom presentations and developing your own presentations while using positive coaching techniques. You will also learn how to market and sell the EFR course, have time to refine your own CPR first aid skills and increase your knowledge about first aid and the human body. The course is taken over 2 days, ending with a theory and practical exam.


– 18+ years old
– Emergency First Responder Course within the last 24 months


– Emergency first responder primary & secondary candidate manual
– Emergency first responder care for children candidate manual
– Emergency first responder CPR & AED candidate manual
– Emergency first responder Instructor Guide