“I did my IDC with Jamie Gladwin at Magic Oceans Dive Resort in February 2018 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Jamie was so patient and friendly. The small size of the group created a fun and relaxed atmosphere in a situation that can be very stressful. Not only did I go into my IE feeling prepared and confident, Jamie offered us lots of practical tips that have been extremely valuable in building my career.

The classroom at Magic Oceans was clean, comfortable and well equipped, they have a beautiful laggon style pool for training and their housereef is absolutely amazing!”

Grace Kleine, IDC candidate 2018

“I completed my IDC with ProDive UK and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the step up to instructor. The training and support from Kerrie and Bethan throughout the IDC and IE was absolutely incredible, ensuring I was 100% confidence of my abilities walking into the exam. Their professionalism and cutting edge teaching techniques combined with a fun and friendly approach ensures that their training is of top quality yet full of fun and laughter. They always went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions were answered and anything I didn’t understand was explained, there was no end to their patience and dedication in ensuring my success on the course. I couldn’t have hoped for a more supportive dynamic duo to guide me through my IDC and IE.

Joe Baglin, IDC candidate March 2019

Why Magic Resorts?

There are lots of places to choose from when it comes to advancing your career in the PADI world. So, why Magic Resorts? We could tell you about our excellent PADI staff, our dedication and commitment, how much we want you to succeed or tell you about all the awards we have won. But that is to be expected of any PADI 5-star Instructor Development Resort.

So, what sets us apart? Well the first thing would be the environment. Most IDC centers are situated in busy tourist areas. While this is great for them, it’s not always the best place for you to learn as they are full of distractions and it’s hard to get out of that “holiday mode”, especially in the evenings.

Magic Oceans, which is the IDC center for Magic Resorts, is situated on the South East coast of Bohol Island. If you’re not familiar with the local area then you need to know that most of the tourism is in the South West of Bohol, about 1.5 hours away. Magic Ocenas is in Anda, a small beach town. With a handful of businesses catering to tourists, you can find a nice quiet place for drinks in the evening. However, past 10pm, most of these places will be closed… and you should be heading to bed ready for your next busy IDC day!

Secondly is our attitude towards the Instructor courses. You may have already spoken to other PADI professionals who remember their IDC as a stressful, overwhelming experience. The PADI teaching philosophy is to make learning fun and we fully embrace that at Magic Resorts. Of course, that does not mean it will be easy or should not be taken seriously, we just don’t see the need to add extra stressful experiences which don’t have any positive effect on your training.

PADI IDC ResortTo achieve this goal, Magic Resorts starts your IDC as soon as you have enrolled in our program. Proper preparation before you arrive is fundamental to having a successful IDC. Trying to catch up on theory or realizing you don’t have all the materials you need can lead to stress. This will reduce your ability to take in information, and dare we say, enjoy the experience. Regular communication will give you ample opportunity to ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable with the whole process and will help you become familiar with the Magic Oceans staff.

Instructor Course IDC at Magic Oceans