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The Philippines is strategically located in the heart of the Pacific, blessed with tropical weather. Blessed with fine sunshine and occasional monsoon rains throughout the year. There are two pronounced seasons in The Philippines – dry and wet. Temperatures range between 25 – 27°C/80 – 84°F in December and 32 – 34°C/85 – 92°F in May. Between January and May, the climate is generally dry with only occasional rain showers. Bohol, like the rest of the Visayas region, predominantly has good weather conditions most of the year and it is therefore possible to dive all year round. The water temperature ranges from 25°C/80°F in January up to 29°C/84°F in July.

Traveling Documents
To enter the Philippines your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure of your trip, and you must have proof of your onward journey from the Philippines – such as a return flight ticket. You are responsible for having all the necessary papers at departure and during your stay in The Philippines. If you wish to stay longer than 30 days you will need a tourist visa. Ask your local Philippine embassy for details. Please be aware that embassies, consulates and other officials are often busy, which can delay the processing time. Travelers without the necessary documents may be refused to board their flight or be refused entry by the immigration department at the airport.

Vaccinations and Hygiene
For information on vaccinations we advise you to contact your doctor or local specialist.
We advise drinking bottled mineral water when away from the resort. In the resort, we provide refillable bottles that you can use to refill mineral water any time of day.

Languages and Religion
The Philippines is Asia with a modern twist, mainly due to the long presence of the Americans. The predominant Catholic population speaks English as well as Filipino. The Philippines is a religious country, with 90% of the population being Christian, 80% of those are Roman Catholics. In the extreme South, especially the island Mindanao, many practice Islam.

Time difference
Between The Philippines and Central Europe it is 6 hours and between the Philippines and America it is between 9 and 13 hours.

Fiesta at Anda Bohol

Staying with us

Dive Information
As the water temperature is between 26 – 34 °C/80 – 92 °F we recommend that you dive in a 3mm long suit.
All our tanks are aluminum 12ltr/80cubic. That are adaptable for both DIN as well as Int. fittings, so there is no need to bring an adapter with you.
If you don’t wish to bring all your own dive gear, no problem! We have all gear available for rental, from BCDs, regulators, suits to dive lights.

Electricity and plugs
The Philippines has 220Volt system and at our resorts we have sockets that are suited for the most European and American two pin plugs. When you need 110Volt we have a charging area in our restaurant.

Philippines’ monetary unit is Peso. Metropolitan Cebu has many ATM machines, so getting cash is not a problem. However, Anda’s sole ATM often runs out of cash and is not always online. In the resort we offer a money exchange service. Bill payments can be done by cash in Euros, UK Pounds and USD$ as well as VISA and MasterCard credit cards (with a 5% surcharge). We have a permanent internet connection, so payment through internet banking is also an option (don’t forget to bring your bank details).

WiFi connection is available throughout the resort and it is free.

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