Sightseeing Tour

A full day trip to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bohol.

Starting the day with a good breakfast and departing the resort at 8am.

A few minutes of driving into the interior of the island, one will enjoy the peaceful beauty of vast rice fields and soft rolling hills on the horizon.

As the vehicle glides through the winding roads, one can observe the raw and slow-paced lifestyle as the locals go on about their day. You can stop for pictures and ask questions to the locals or our staff guide to fill your curiosity. Lined along the streets are different fruit bearing trees which for some may be the first time to see.

Tour Stops

Lake Pilar

First up, Lake Pilar, also known as Malinao Dam; the lake is connected to an irrigation facility which irrigates nearby farmlands. It is a scenic lake surrounded with mango trees.

Habitat Butterfly’s Conservation Center

Second stop would be at Habitat butterfly’s conservation center for a guided tour around an open garden where over 160 species of Bohol butterflies have been recorded flying free. The tour also includes a display area and small enclosure for a close encounter with the local butterflies.

Chocolate Hills

Ones visit to Bohol will not be complete without viewing the iconic Chocolate Hills. To get a good 360 views from the top, one must climb over 200 steps with sheltered stop off spots to take a rest. For people with leg or back problems, the drop off place for viewing is just as amazing.

Hidden Valley

Next stop is what we call a trip to the “hidden valley.” This valley is part of Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape, it is a biodiversity reserve for the province of Bohol. A short stop offers an opportunity to see and feed long-tailed monkeys or Macaque and other animal species at the entrance of the valley. Other ecotourism activities such as bird watching, hiking, camping among other activities are also offered here.

Bilar Man-Made Forest

After a fascinating drive along a winding road, which locals aptly call “intestine road,” you can have a short stop for that Instagram worthy shot at Bilar man-made forest — a mahogany lined, two kilometers stretched piece of road planted by locals as a reforestation project some 50 years ago.

Lunch Break

After all that sight-seeing, heading down to Loboc river for lunch whilst cruising on a clean river with live singing on the background is a great break. The view is majestic too. Relax, fill your tummies and take in the view!

Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

Last but certainly not the least is the visit to Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary to see the famous inhabitant of Bohol. The place is responsible for the protection of this endangered species. Hush, turn off your camera flash and follow the guide to see the Tarsier up close.

The drive back takes you back to the coastal side of Bohol and you will arrive at the resort late afternoon.

Please note

Light, comfortable clothing and footwear is advisable for this trip. A sunscreen and mosquito spray is also advised.

  • Sightseeing Macaque Magic Oceans Bohol
  • Sightseeing Macaque Magic Oceans Bohol
  • Sightseeing Macaque Magic Oceans Bohol
  • Sightseeing Macaque Magic Oceans Bohol