Photogallery Daytrips

Part of every holiday is immersing oneself into the vibe of the area. A holiday at Magic Oceans will not only be all about the many trips underwater but we will also help you to experience the fun, thrill and excitement of life on land.
Bohol, the 10th largest island of the Philippine Archipelago is gaining popularity globally not only because of the usual sea-sun-and-sand combo but due to the many activities that you can do and the numerous sights to see. Bohol has a rich collection of fauna, flora, history, landmarks and landscape that will cater the click-and-shoot kind of tourist. There is also an array of adventurous activities too for the thrill seekers.

Be in awe of the beauty of the Chocolate Hills on top of a viewing platform or roaming its foothills riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Play hide and seek with the tiniest but most iconic resident of Bohol – the Tarsier. Scream your heart out while gliding through the air some hundred meters above the surface on a zip line or cable car. Glide on an emerald river whilst savouring a tasty lunch of local delicacies at the Loboc river. Take a trip through history by visiting century old churches or be transported into a magical world watching thousands of fireflies flickering in the dark.
Engulf yourself in the beauty of nature that Bohol has to offer – its serene rice fields, cascading waterfalls, springs and cave pools. Meet the island’s interesting locals – they are the most prized possession of Bohol. Feel their hospitality and warmth. Enjoy their smiles.
Whether it is a short afternoon break from diving, a few hours wandering around or a drying-of-equipment full day trip around Anda and Bohol, you will find fantastic way to spend those precious hours.
Bohol is, without doubt, a paradise. Go out and have fun exploring!