Photogallery Diving

When you think about Bohol, scuba diving doesn’t spring to mind immediately. Yet there is a wide selection of dive sites along the coast of Anda. The town of Anda, which doesn’t have mass tourism, has a 16km long reef system that has a lot to offer. You will find gorgeous walls with beautiful reef tops full of hard and soft corals and their richly colored inhabitants. As well as walls with adjoining sandy slopes with big pieces of coral scattered where little critters are hidden and even sandy bottoms with fields of sea grass.

With a boat ride between only 15-20 minutes, you will be at your dive site in no time. A little bit further away is one of our highlights – Lamanok Island which is a true heaven for divers with a nudibranch addiction!
Magic Oceans has a special creature in our logo and that is for a good reason. The pygmy seahorse can be spotted on several dive sites, so there is a big chance that you’ll see these little ‘beauties’. Our dive guides know how to spot these tiny critters and for sure they will share them with you.
Our world class house reef is a few steps away from our dive center and has ‘Turtle Point’ just around the corner with a beautiful view over to Camigiun island. Macro lovers will be filled with joy with our local diving sites but for divers who want more, we can offer a trip to this vulcanic island – Camiguin Island – with a different dive scene.
Magic Oceans is THE place to be for an unforgettable diving holiday. Dive onboard one of our comfortable Bangka diving boats, in the traditional Filipino style and enjoy all the beauties that Anda has to offer. With 27 different dive locations, there is always something interesting for every diver.