Photogallery the Resort

We are all tied up in a fast paced life, pouring everything we can into survival and progression. Isn’t it nice to escape momentarily from this grinding, stressful way of life for a few days and rejuvenate your battered senses?
Escape for a few days and holiday with us at Magic Oceans. A place where you can de-stress and live your life at a slower pace. Magic Oceans is the perfect place if you are looking for a quiet resort away from the hustle and bustle of your work environment. The resort is an oasis of calm and serenity.

One may describe this place a ‘paradise lost, discovered in modern time’ – where nature meets modern design. Nature is preserved and modern amenities were added to provide great comfort.
Imagine waking up in a place surrounded with lush green trees providing natural shade and fresh air.
Bask in the tropical warmth in the midst of a spacious garden full of tropical flowers. Work on that perfect tan by the pool with its crystal clear waters mimicking the colour of the ocean and the sky.
Enjoy the sunrise as well as the sunset.
Enjoy delicious meals every day. Hearty breakfast to start your day, sumptuous lunch after an activity-filled morning and a gastronomic feast during dinner in a family type setting – where conversations flow and new friends are found.
Enjoy the company of other divers preparing for the day out at sea exploring the underwater world. The spacious dive centre is a haven for diving enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike.
Early evenings are best shared with a beer or a cocktail in hand reliving events of the day.
Finally, take a warm shower and retire in a comfy clean room with the sound of the critters lulling you to a deep sleep.