Anda: little and quiet paradise on earth

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Whale Sharks at Bohol It wasn’t so long ago that a trip to the Philippines was regarded by most divers as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, reserved for the wealthy or those lucky enough to win a magazine competition. However, over the last few years improved long haul travel along with revamped and expanded airports throughout the country has made these exotic islands far more accessible for many travelers. Efforts by the Philippines Department of Tourism to promote lesser-known and emerging islands have transformed this dream dive destination into an achievable reality, with visitor numbers doubling in the last seven years.

Once quiet beaches and villages are developing into bustling holiday centers, many offering a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, and activities along miles of beachfront. This ever-increasing choice can make arranging a dive trip to the Philippines an overwhelming experience, and chancing on a deserted beachfront paradise is by no means guaranteed.

However, if peaceful seclusion is what you’re after, and you know where to look, beautifully undeveloped stretches of coastline can still be found. One such location is Anda, tucked into the eastern side of the lush island of Bohol, in the south of the Visayas region. Described as the ‘pearl’ of Bohol, Anda boasts over 10 miles of pristine beachfront and coastline, blissfully remote and a far cry from the busy tourist regions on the island’s south coast. Surrounded by jungle, exotic fruit groves and the heavenly scent of jasmine, this small town enjoys stunning views across the sparkling Bohol Sea and provides the perfect hideaway for visitors searching for their own piece of paradise.

dive sites Anda

Diving in Anda is rich and diverse, with almost 30 dive sites offering everything from coral festooned walls to sandy slopes hiding a plethora of critters, as well as caves, mangroves, and some huge ocean guests in the form of whale sharks and manta rays. The small number of visitors to the region has a minimum impact on the health of the local ecosystem, and reefs are pristine and teeming with marine life. Divers will find sites uncrowded, perfect for photographers and macro enthusiasts who often feel like they have the place to themselves.  

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Posted on: June 10, 2020