Someone asked me what is the origin of the name Bohol? Where did it come from? And who named it? Well…  There are three popular stories of which the name Bohol was derived, and it has been passed on for generations.

One, which comes from the word “Bo’ol,” which refers to the name of a place near Tagbilaran City where the blood compact between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol as a sign of friendship thus Tagbilaran is aptly called the city of friendship.

Second, and the most recent theory is that Bohol was named after a tree called “bo’ol” – a short shrubby tree with white flowers and bears edible fruits which used to abound the island. Naming a place after a person or a tree is quite common in the province. There are places like Bayabas (Guava) and Batuan (a sour fruit) for example.

The third theory and arguably the most popular is that it actually comes from the Visayan term “boho” (hole) owing to the abundance of caves, caverns, and holes in the island like the popular Francisco Dagohoy Cave in Danao which was used by Dagohoy as a hideout and headquarters during their revolt against the Spaniards, which lasted eighty-five years.

Years went by and the name of the place has been handed down to generations by word of mouth and the word “boho” was later corrupted and became the lead and the clue on why Bohol was called by that name.

A name is a brand and Bohol is upholding it.

Bohol – a name of a beautiful tropical island in the Philippines – the second largest archipelago in the world. While most people would say, the Philippines has “7107 islands”, this is no longer the case with the recent discovery of previously unknown islands that have increased the count to 7641 of which only about 2000 are inhabited and each boasts unique charms that lure visitors to.

Out of the thousands, few names repeatedly emerge at the top of the most visited and unforgettable island paradise and one is Bohol.

Bohol has long been a household name in the domestic tourism industry, thanks to its majestic Chocolate Hills and tiny but wide-eyed resident Tarsier.

Today, the name Bohol is known globally. Not only because of the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers but also because Bohol has one “of the most beautiful eco-marine systems in the world” -the Bohol marine triangle, white sandy beaches, lush mountains, friendly and talented people.

Bohol also contributes to the nation’s well-being by producing highly skilled workers and craftsmen in the many sectors of our society.

Naturally brave, hospitable and kind Boholanos takes pride in carrying the name Bohol wherever they go. They are proud of their identity. They are proud of the name Bohol no matter where it comes from.