Philippines Diving: A Night to Remember

By Frogfish Photography

Night dive Magic Oceans by Frogfish Photography

It can sometimes take a little persuasion to get us to go night diving, but our diving during the day with Magic Oceans had already hinted at how good a night dive here might be. If you love critter diving, then this is one destination to add to your list, with frogfish, nudibranch and a whole host of macro marine life to discover. At night, even more unusual creatures come out from their hiding places, as we were to discover.

On our second evening at Magic Oceans, we joined a small group heading out for a night dive in the productive Anda waters. As soon as we put our heads under the surface, we could hear the divers ahead of us banging their tanks to announce they had found a cool critter. This was not a bit of beginner’s luck, for the whole hour-long dive, clanging filled our ears. The dive saw us traverse over a sandy seabed, with seagrass, along with small coral bommies, giving a fantastic array of marine habitats to explore.

Whilst we encountered a host of great marine life, including crustaceans, nocturnal fish and nudibranchs, the highlights of this incredible dive had to be between the wonderpus
sighting and a hairy frogfish happily eating the small crustaceans ourNight dive Magic Oceans by Frogfish Photography dive lights were attracting.

Back on dry land, the group quickly showered and then met up again for a family-style dinner, where they could re-live the dive and discuss all the weird and wonderful marine life they had encountered. Those that had chosen not to go on the night dive had to listen to what they had missed, but this only meant that everyone went out on a night dive to the same dive site the very next night!

Written by: Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown – Frogfish Photography
Posted on: October 12, 2018