Mystical Lamanok – Part I

Living for two years in Anda I thought it was about time to visit the sacred place this little town has. Mystical Lamanok Island. Since Lamanok island is one of our highlight dive sites, I know the place better underwater than above the surface, but today it was the day to get that changed. Just 20 min. away from the resort, in the barangay Badiang, you find the receiving desk where you have to walk down and find this beautiful bamboo-made bridge through this big area of mangroves.

Bamboo bridge - LamonokWalking over this bridge is already where the fun begins. First of all, it is a beautiful place that cross the 180 hectare of mangrove area. The area has over 10 different kind of mangroves of the 47 different species that the Philippines is known to. It’s a pretty long distance to walk, so the bridge is a special experience itself! The area is so quiet and the only thing you hear is your own footsteps on the small pieces of bamboo that it gives you an almost hypnotic feeling. You just keep walking and listening to your own footsteps on this never-ending bridge. Combine that with some bouncing up and down by the flexible bamboo sticks that feels like walking on a bouncing house and you have already fun without even started the tour yet!

When we finally reach the end of the bridge we arrived at the Boatman’s Quarter where you have a beautiful view over Lamanok Island. The small peddle boat is already waiting for us for a 10-minute boat trip through the fish sanctuary that brings us to this mystical place. The water is calm and serene and the view over the sea is relaxing. Slowly the tall limestone cliffs are appearing, and you feel this mystical vibe of the island falling over you. I can’t wait to discover this island!

Written by: Jessica Stroet
Posted on: January 1, 2019