Bohol: gem of Visayas

Bohol is aptly called “The Emerald Island” of the Philippines. It is a very fitting name for an island so lush in vegetation. But Bohol is not only famous for its green surroundings but also for its manifold of attractions to see and adventures to do.

Bohol is the best representation of everything that you will see in the Philippines. Pristine tropical beaches, serene & relaxing country side, history and culture, bio-diversity both on land and underwater, adventures above and underwater – Bohol has it all!

Bohol has worked tremendously over the years to emerge as one of the top tourist destination in the country. Promoting the natural wonders of Bohol was not a piece of cake for Boholanos but once it gained momentum, they were unstoppable!

Today, Bohol is not only famous for its iconic Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and floating restaurants but it is now considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the country in terms of Eco-Tourism, history and culture experience, adventure activities, business with leisure and relaxation.

Bohol is the epitome of an island paradise. Blessed with beautiful, natural works of nature including the world-renowned Chocolate Hills and the emerald Loboc River, to name a few. Gentle hills and mountains. Fascinating wildlife. Diverse flora and fauna. White sandy coves and palm-lined beaches. Crystal-clear waters teeming with a vast bio-diversity of interesting tropical aquatic life.

Another reason for the influx of local and international tourists in the island is Scuba Diving. Bohol’s underwater is simply magnificent that it draws thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world every year.

In return, the Government of Bohol is exerting all efforts to further alleviate the condition of the roads leading to the attractions and different infrastructure projects are underway to cater the needs of the ever growing number of tourists including the soon-to-open Bohol International airport which will serve as the gateway for international tourists.

Bohol is like a raw jewel turned into a fine gem, every visit into this island paradise will prove to be precious.

Posted: December 26, 2017