Dive trip to Camiguin Island – part Ӏ

‘An Island Born of Fire’

Dive trip Camiguin Island Magic OceansIt is still early, and I am the first to arrive in the dive center. First thing in the morning is checking the water side. The sea is calm and I’m enjoying the first sunrays of that day while the boat crew is loading the boat. It’s going to be a beautiful day for a dive trip to Camiguin Island!

Slowly the group is getting complete for our dive trip to Camiguin: a small island in the south Bohol sea with only a surface of 238 square hectares but with 7 volcanoes. I can understand why the locals call it ‘the island born of fire’. The boat is ready for departure and we are off for a 2,5-hour boat ride, which is for me the best way to wake up. The fresh sea breeze and the warmth of the sun is giving you this serene feeling. I’m already enjoying every minute of it and the day has just begun.

‘The sea, once it casts it spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.’  There is this relaxed vibe on the boat. People are watching over the endless ocean, daydreaming, enjoying the boat ride or just simply trying to wake up. After our breakfast the boat suddenly starts to slow down. The boat crew is pointing in the same direction. Dolphins! Dive Trip Camiguin Island Magic Oceans Anda BoholA group of dolphins is showing their beautiful tails and are giving away a small show. Beautiful creatures.

In the meantime, Camiguin Island is coming closer and the contours are getting clearer. I try to count how many volcanoes I can spot already but realize I see more than 7 (That can not be right!?). I recognize Mount Hibok-hibok, one of the two active volcanoes this island has. Once we are getting closer the second active volcano is appearing. Mount Vulcan is the youngest volcano of the island, but funny enough people call it ‘The Old Volcano’. We just arrived at our first dive site and I can’t wait to see what the waters of Camiguin has to offer!

Written by: Jessica Stroet
Posted: June 17, 2018

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