It’s More Fun in the Philippines –  a fact, not just a campaign! 

It is more fun in the Philippines! It is a fact. Locals and tourists often say that it’s more fun in the Philippines. But why it is more fun in the Philippines than anywhere else? Read on and discover why!

The main reason why the Philippines is more fun is clearly because of its people. It will take a lot before you can wipe the smile off the face of a Filipino. Fun is incorporated in everything they do from sunrise to moonrise. Often, you will notice them teasing each other while going about their daily business. Heavy tasks look like a piece of cake with the way they exchange banter followed by eruptions of laughter.

They are genuinely happy souls who will freely give their smile to anyone. Their smile creates that warm and welcoming environment that foreigners just can’t resist the Philippines. They are very hospitable and would welcome you immediately into their circle as if they have known you for years. It is very well possible that a Filipino would welcome you into their home on your first meeting and you will be accepted by the whole family. They get excited when they meet new people and would do anything in their power to provide you comfort and entertainment.

Filipinos love to entertain and be entertained. From a dancing traffic enforcer to a singing sales lady in the mall, everywhere you turn you will find people whistling happy tunes, or momentarily breaking into a Michael Jackson routine. All over the world, they are known to be great entertainers.
‘Pinoys’ love colourful, bright and sparkly things which you have maybe seen in the colourful jeepneys, vibrant festival costumes and even the bright coloured lipstick ‘Pinays’ wear.

Lastly; Filipinos have a lot of quirkiness in them, which you may not find anywhere else in the world.  But “Onli in da Pilipins!”.

Posted: December 12, 2017